Who is Family Matters for?

Family Matters is for anyone who feels that a Clinical Psychologist might be of use in helping them develop an understanding of their child.

Parents come to Family Matters when they can see that their child is struggling with their emotions, behaviour or development. Often parents feel unsure how they can help their child overcome these challenges.

Sometimes it is their relationship with their baby or young child that causes a parent to worry.

Professionals from health, education or childcare settings can also raise concerns.

People are often surprised that babies and young children have 'mental health' at all. In fact, the evidence is now strong that the earlier you can support a baby or child who seems to be struggling, the more likely they are to achieve their potential throughout their life.

Family Matters can be involved in a number of ways. We offer a range of services directly to families, such as antenatal and postnatal sessions, in groups or individually; one-off consultations; and full assessment and interventions.

We run a specialist sleep clinic for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and beyond.

We have added Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) to our list of interventions, particularly where parents are concerned about their relationship with their child.

We have recently purchased several Sensate 2 devices that are available for hire. These tone the vagus nerve, which soothes and conditions the relaxation response in the moment and builds stress resilience over time. Ideal for older children and parents that experience stress and anxiety, as part of ongoing therapy or as a stand alone intervention.

We also offer consultation and training to nurseries, primary schools and health professionals. We are happy to co-work with other professionals.